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Another successful year at Jeanna Martin Memorial Volleyball Tournament

posted Apr 25, 2017, 8:54 AM by Madelyn Koester

The day before Easter on April 15, starting early in the morning and lasting until the afternoon, the annual Jeanna Martin Memorial Volleyball tournament was hosted in the high school, middle school and elementary school gyms by April Zoglmann in memory of Jeanna Martin.

While everyone that participated came together to support the Jeanna Martin Memorial, there were different levels of competition. As the teams competed throughout the day, some teams played seriously while other teams just played for fun. Many people in the community of Conway Springs participated and also people from different towns came to play and support. There were also a few current students from the high school who decided they wanted to participate also.

“It was a fun experience,” sophomore Makenzie Curry said. “I wasn’t originally going to play because I was working concessions, but when they asked, I said I would.”

While some students played, Zoglmann had some of the next year’s volleyball team work the concession stand throughout the day.

“The concessions went over nicely,” freshman Madison Pauly said. “I had to leave early, but when I was there, things were selling well.”

Overall, there were a total of 27 teams that participated throughout the three divisions. The results at the end of the day for the divisions were Competitive - Scott Schultz (1st) and Kyle Flips Sparman (2nd), Intermediate - Tammy Counts (1st) and Janet Kibbe (2nd), and Recreational - Brooke Love (1st) and Hannah Hemberger (2nd).

“It was interesting watching the tournament,” freshman Karlee Osner said. “It was fun watching my family play.”

Proceeds from the tournament are given as scholarships to Conway Springs High School seniors.

Competitive - Scott Schultz (1st)

Intermediate - Tammy Counts (1st)

Recreational - Brooke Love (1st)

Audio/Visual class keeps busy with performances

posted Apr 25, 2017, 8:49 AM by Zachary Schwarzenberger

The Audio/Video students are involved with events all around the school, from recording sporting events to preparing for concerts in the auditorium. One of the bigger events was running lighting and sound “The Legend of Robin Hood… Sort of.”

“I love that I had a major part in it without being seen,” audiovisual lead for the play and junior Courtnee Wisdom said.

Much like the actors, there are several things Audio/Video students have to learn and rehearse to make sure any performance can run as smoothly as possible.

“There were some mic troubles, and Caden hit the wall, but overall the play was pretty good,” senior Alaina O’Neill said.

One major aspect is lighting. The Audio/Video class has to change and set lights for every event that takes place in the auditorium. When it came to the play, several of the lights had to be changed and repositioned.

“I spent a lot of time picking colors that would help compliment the scene of the play,” Wisdom said.

Another key part would be sound. Every student has to learn what mics there are and which ones to use for certain scenarios. They also need to learn how to properly adjust them.

“The soundboard was pretty easy,” senior Kyle Phillips said. ”It just took some time to learn.”

A final part of running a successful event is having a reliable crew. One person can’t run everything for a show, and students in the class will tell you it’s definitely easier when you have more trained people.

“When it comes to any performance, people perform their part as asked,” Wisdom said.

Seniors Kyle Phillips and Michelle Willson cut out gels for lights. The gels change the colors of the lights in the auditorium.

Honor Society hosts second blood drive of the year

posted Apr 20, 2017, 8:45 AM by Jessica Mies

CSHS Honor Society hosted the spring blood drive on March 17. A total of 45 people donated blood that day. An express blood drive is being considered for May 2. “We have a total of 99 units, so if we get two more units, we could receive $750 for scholarships,” Honor Society sponsor Louise Ronnau said. “It seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.”

Blood Drive

Musicians compete at Regional competition

posted Apr 13, 2017, 8:35 AM by Jessica Mies

Choir, Cardinalaires, and band and vocal soloists traveled to Butler Community College April 1 for Regional music competition.

The choir ensemble, which is composed of eight singers, sang “Don’t Be Seen” by Stuart Chapman Hill. Cardinalaires sang “Ave Maria” by Bach, while the Cardinalaire girls ensemble sang “Prayer of the Children” by Bestor and Hayes and Cardinalaire boys ensemble sang “A Red, Red Rose” by Crocker.

Choir and Cardinalaire boys received II ratings for their songs, and Cardinalaires as a group, as well as the girls, received a I. Vocal soloists Maddie Koester and Lawrence Pauly received II ratings, and Makenna Beesley was given an overall I rating for her songs “Last Rose of Summer” and “Syahamba”.

“I was surprised at the results,” freshman Cardinalaire member Annette Berntsen said. “I thought it was going to be tougher than usual.”

Groups and soloists who received a II rating or less will not advance to State competition.

“I’m disappointed in the results because we all wanted to go to State,” sophomore choir member Ashlyn Lefebvre said.

All band soloists — juniors Makenna Beesley, french horn; and Jera Wolke, flute; sophomores Mariah Morris, trumpet; and Nathan Ohl, xylophone; and freshmen Jaylee Meyer, clarinet; and Amy Zoglmann, xylophone — received I ratings.

The day of Regionals music was also State powerlifting and the school play. Senior Matthias Doffing was in all three events.

“It was tiring and overwhelming,” Doffing said. “I had to practice time management. Everything worked out though.”

The state competition will be held April 29 at Southeast of Saline.

The making of "The Legend of Robin Hood...Sort Of"

posted Apr 12, 2017, 10:56 AM by Makenna Beesley

Play practice and set building

Practices and set building are under way for the production of this year’s play. “The Legend of Robin Hood….Sort Of” was performed at the high school on March 31 at 7 and on April 1 at 8.

Get some sleep!

posted Apr 11, 2017, 8:44 AM by Zachary Schwarzenberger

Spring Break 2K17

posted Apr 3, 2017, 8:48 AM by Leah Reep   [ updated Apr 3, 2017, 8:50 AM ]

            In this past month, families and friends have been planning for the break this spring. From traveling to a desired location or just laying in bed, everyone seemed to be excited for spring break.

Senior Marcus Smith and friends drove from Kansas to Texas to go to Surfside Beach and stay in a beach house. Smith said he had fun on the trip.

“The break should be longer so I can spend time with my friends longer,” he said.

Sophomore Eric Stanley recently went to Las Vegas for an early spring break trip to watch his mother get married.

“I saw really cool stuff and walked my mom down the aisle,” Stanley said. “I also saw Rick Harrison’s pawn shop.”

Las Vegas seemed to be a popular trip location because freshman Nathan Oswald vacationed there the whole week with his family.

“My family and I went to Monster Jam finals,” he said.

Though the break didn’t last long, some were ready to come back to school. A majority of people stayed home and continued on their regular routine in their lives. Junior Caylee Harrington stayed in Conway to work and babysit.

“A week is good for the break,” she said. “We get done with school faster.”





Coach Cottrell to be recognized

posted Mar 17, 2017, 8:40 AM by Brooke Pierce

Longtime football and track coach Fred Cottrell will have a reception in his honor on March 25.

“Coach Cottrell has 52 years in coaching and will be retiring from it after this year,” athletic/activities director Ryan Rusco said. “He has made many friends and acquaintances over the years, and many expressed the desire to do some kind of recognition for him.”

Rusco said it is an informal, come-and-go reception. Food will also be provided.

“It is basically just a time for people to come, express appreciation, and rehash old memories with Coach,” he said.

Many students have had the opportunity to be coached by Coach Cottrell over the years.

“He’s made me develop into a better man because of the way he coaches,” senior and four-year football player Josh Dugan said.

Before coaching at Conway Springs, Coach Cottrell spent time in many other schools.

“He spent most of his years at Douglass and Conway Springs, but he also coached in western Kansas too,” said head football coach Matt Biehler. “We are giving people the opportunity to come and visit Coach and [recognize] his outstanding accomplishments.”

The recognition will be held in the Conway Springs High School Commons and will last from 1-4pm.





Football and track coach Fred Cottrell

A reception recognizing his retirement from coaching

March 25, 1-4 p.m.

CSHS Commons area

Several Students earn a 1

posted Mar 16, 2017, 9:06 AM by Jade Leslie

Trinity Academy hosted the Central Plains League Music Contest March 7. Conway Springs choir, Cardinalaires, and band all competed, and soloists for both choir and band also performed.

Cardinalaires received a 1 rating for their song “Ave Maria”. Cardinalaire boys and girls ensembles both got 2 on their songs. Choir was given a 2 for their song. Additionally, band received 1 from all the judges for its songs.

Sophomore Maddie Koester received a 1 for her vocal solo.

“I sang ‘Lass From The Low Countree and Poor Wayfaring Stranger,’” Koester said. “I wasn’t really nervous for my solo because I have sung at contest before. When I got to find out my score, I was really happy with it.”

Like Koester, many of the soloists received high ratings on their solos. Sophomore Nathan Ohl, is one of these many students.

“I was very nervous for my solo,” he said. “I got a 2 on my solo. Before I found out my score, I thought I did not do the best. The judge was very tough, though; he only gave out one 1.”

The choir members said they thought they did well, despite missing a singer.

“I think we did a lot better than we thought we were going to do,” senior Hannah Ray said. “I felt reasonable with our score, considering we were missing one of our two guys. I think that we will improve a lot by Regionals, as long as we aren’t missing the guys’ part.”

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