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Accounting broadens students perspective of business

posted Feb 8, 2017, 9:07 AM by Unknown user

If you like numbers, Accounting might be a class for you. Accounting, which is an important aspect of the business industry, also helps students with personal finance. If you are wanting to create your own business one day, or even just understand personal finance better, Accounting would be a good class to take.

“It’s a pretty easy class, as long as you do your work and pay attention,” sophomore Alivia Lange said.

When you take Accounting, it is important to be good with numbers and understand mathematical equations. Students who take it are hoping to increase their knowledge for business.

Junior John Hartman said he took accounting because he wants to become an accountant. Accounting is a good class to take if you’re planning on majoring in Accounting or Business in college.

“Accounting is important to take if you want to have your own business because you need to know if your business is making money or not,” business teacher Connie Pauly said.