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Another successful year at Jeanna Martin Memorial Volleyball Tournament

posted Apr 25, 2017, 8:54 AM by Unknown user

The day before Easter on April 15, starting early in the morning and lasting until the afternoon, the annual Jeanna Martin Memorial Volleyball tournament was hosted in the high school, middle school and elementary school gyms by April Zoglmann in memory of Jeanna Martin.

While everyone that participated came together to support the Jeanna Martin Memorial, there were different levels of competition. As the teams competed throughout the day, some teams played seriously while other teams just played for fun. Many people in the community of Conway Springs participated and also people from different towns came to play and support. There were also a few current students from the high school who decided they wanted to participate also.

“It was a fun experience,” sophomore Makenzie Curry said. “I wasn’t originally going to play because I was working concessions, but when they asked, I said I would.”

While some students played, Zoglmann had some of the next year’s volleyball team work the concession stand throughout the day.

“The concessions went over nicely,” freshman Madison Pauly said. “I had to leave early, but when I was there, things were selling well.”

Overall, there were a total of 27 teams that participated throughout the three divisions. The results at the end of the day for the divisions were Competitive - Scott Schultz (1st) and Kyle Flips Sparman (2nd), Intermediate - Tammy Counts (1st) and Janet Kibbe (2nd), and Recreational - Brooke Love (1st) and Hannah Hemberger (2nd).

“It was interesting watching the tournament,” freshman Karlee Osner said. “It was fun watching my family play.”

Proceeds from the tournament are given as scholarships to Conway Springs High School seniors.

Competitive - Scott Schultz (1st)

Intermediate - Tammy Counts (1st)

Recreational - Brooke Love (1st)