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Ast gets to work somewhere fun

posted Feb 8, 2017, 11:25 AM by Unknown user
Wish you could find that one job where you might find it actually fun to go to work? Many of the students at Conway Springs High School have jobs outside of school. Sophomore Chase Ast is no different, unless you count the fact that he works at Urban Air. Most students who have part-time jobs tend to stick to jobs in the local area. To work in Wichita and at a popular place like Urban Air, makes Ast a little different than most students.

“I am a ref for dodgeball, and I watch the kids in case they do something they aren’t supposed to,” Ast said.

Ast first learned of the position in Urban Air from sophomore Aaron May.

“It was actually Aaron’s mom who found out because she works in Wichita,” Ast said.

Most students don’t get part time jobs in places that are for entertainment, but Ast has been working there for a few months now and he said he has liked it there.

“I enjoy working there because I get to meet new people and jump for free,” Ast said.