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Audio/Visual class keeps busy with performances

posted Apr 25, 2017, 8:49 AM by Unknown user

The Audio/Video students are involved with events all around the school, from recording sporting events to preparing for concerts in the auditorium. One of the bigger events was running lighting and sound “The Legend of Robin Hood… Sort of.”

“I love that I had a major part in it without being seen,” audiovisual lead for the play and junior Courtnee Wisdom said.

Much like the actors, there are several things Audio/Video students have to learn and rehearse to make sure any performance can run as smoothly as possible.

“There were some mic troubles, and Caden hit the wall, but overall the play was pretty good,” senior Alaina O’Neill said.

One major aspect is lighting. The Audio/Video class has to change and set lights for every event that takes place in the auditorium. When it came to the play, several of the lights had to be changed and repositioned.

“I spent a lot of time picking colors that would help compliment the scene of the play,” Wisdom said.

Another key part would be sound. Every student has to learn what mics there are and which ones to use for certain scenarios. They also need to learn how to properly adjust them.

“The soundboard was pretty easy,” senior Kyle Phillips said. ”It just took some time to learn.”

A final part of running a successful event is having a reliable crew. One person can’t run everything for a show, and students in the class will tell you it’s definitely easier when you have more trained people.

“When it comes to any performance, people perform their part as asked,” Wisdom said.

Seniors Kyle Phillips and Michelle Willson cut out gels for lights. The gels change the colors of the lights in the auditorium.