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Musicians compete at Regional competition

posted Apr 13, 2017, 8:35 AM by Unknown user

Choir, Cardinalaires, and band and vocal soloists traveled to Butler Community College April 1 for Regional music competition.

The choir ensemble, which is composed of eight singers, sang “Don’t Be Seen” by Stuart Chapman Hill. Cardinalaires sang “Ave Maria” by Bach, while the Cardinalaire girls ensemble sang “Prayer of the Children” by Bestor and Hayes and Cardinalaire boys ensemble sang “A Red, Red Rose” by Crocker.

Choir and Cardinalaire boys received II ratings for their songs, and Cardinalaires as a group, as well as the girls, received a I. Vocal soloists Maddie Koester and Lawrence Pauly received II ratings, and Makenna Beesley was given an overall I rating for her songs “Last Rose of Summer” and “Syahamba”.

“I was surprised at the results,” freshman Cardinalaire member Annette Berntsen said. “I thought it was going to be tougher than usual.”

Groups and soloists who received a II rating or less will not advance to State competition.

“I’m disappointed in the results because we all wanted to go to State,” sophomore choir member Ashlyn Lefebvre said.

All band soloists — juniors Makenna Beesley, french horn; and Jera Wolke, flute; sophomores Mariah Morris, trumpet; and Nathan Ohl, xylophone; and freshmen Jaylee Meyer, clarinet; and Amy Zoglmann, xylophone — received I ratings.

The day of Regionals music was also State powerlifting and the school play. Senior Matthias Doffing was in all three events.

“It was tiring and overwhelming,” Doffing said. “I had to practice time management. Everything worked out though.”

The state competition will be held April 29 at Southeast of Saline.