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On-site Kansas history lessons

posted Apr 11, 2018, 9:56 AM by Unknown user

For the first time since having Craig Frederick as the social studies teacher, the senior class took a field trip to Topeka, Kan., to tour the Capitol building. Most of the class attended, and technology education teacher Bryan Bates went as a second sponsor.

“Actually being able to see where our state government works and meet representatives is the main reason for going,” Mr. Frederick said. “It’s more real when you can see how the sessions work and the history behind the building and artwork. I just wish we could’ve spent more time in Topeka and seen the Kansas Natural History museum though.”

The bus left at 5:30 a.m.. Once they arrived at the Capitol, the general tour lasted an hour and the dome tour another hour before the group ate lunch and returned home.

“The trip was a lot of fun,” Brenden Pauly said. “I learned a lot, and going up the 296 steps of the dome was the best part.”

The tour highlighted the different art and architecture of the Capitol building and the history behind them. Popular attractions included “Tragic Prelude” and other murals by John Steuart Curry, paintings by Lumen Winter, and other decorative designs throughout the building. The seniors also sat in on a session of the House of Representatives and talked with representative Kyle Hoffman.

“Conquering my fear of heights by going up the dome was my favorite part,” Carissa Brozovich said. “Seeing the amazing view afterwards was definitely worth it.”

On top of the trip, the seniors that participated also took notes to write a short essay on what they learned.