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Out with the old, in with the new

posted Feb 7, 2017, 8:57 AM by Unknown user

After approximately 30 years,  Conway Springs High School bought new risers for the auditorium on Jan. 16, and students spent a week assembling them. The risers were purchased through a grant for the arts department from the Kansas Star Casino.

The new risers were purchased because the old ones were heavy, and hard to set up, had been rebuilt many times and had resulted in many pinched fingers. The new risers can be set up by one person easily. They are four steps high instead of the original three and have rails around the sides and back.

"These risers will be a great new addition to the music program and our stage,” band director Dennis Kerr said. “The students will enjoy better equipment to perform from and the theater technology students will save a lot of time and energy with the easy setup of the new risers.”

Vocal music director Stephanie Downey said was also very pleased about the new risers.

“I'm excited that we had the opportunity to purchase the new risers, as they will enhance future performances for all students from kindergarten through high school, and students around the league,” Mrs. Downey said.

The risers will be used for the first time in April when CSHS hosts the Central Plains League Middle School Music Festival.