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Scholars Bowl takes on league

posted Feb 2, 2017, 8:34 AM by Unknown user

On Jan. 24, varsity and junior varsity league Scholars Bowl occurred in Belle Plaine. Senior varsity members Dennis Zoglmann and Jessica Mies have participated all four years.

“I did Scholars Bowl because I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” senior Dennis Zoglmann said. “It is an emotional investment, and we bonded like family.”

The three freshmen - Amy Zoglmann, Gavin Beesley and Luke Bellar - had their first experience participating in league Scholars Bowl.

“I was mostly excited to play,” Amy said.

The varsity team of Dennis and Mies and juniors Makenna Beesley, Courtnee Wisdom, Jera Wolke and Caylee Harrington took fourth place, and the junior varsity team of sophomores Cooper Boyles, Nathan Ohl and Molly Schmanke and Amy, Beesley and Bellar took sixth place.

Many of the team members said they were not satisfied with the results. Some of the students expected them, but they all said they wished they did slightly better.

“I didn’t expect the results,” Schmanke said. “I wish we could've done better.”