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Try your hand at welding

posted Feb 7, 2017, 8:49 AM by Unknown user

This year, pre-enrollment at Conway Springs High School will begin Feb. 10. During pre-enrollment, students are allowed to sign up for classes they wish to take next year. One class offered at Conway Springs High School that isn’t thought of often when enrolling is Production Welding Processes. Welding is taught by industrial arts teacher Bryan Bates.

Welding is a class that is offered for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Before students can take Welding, they need to take Introduction to Industrial Technology, which is open to freshmen as well. At CSHS, students have the option to take Welding 1 first and then take Welding 2/3. Students are given weekly grades in the class.

“I took Welding so I could get projects done that I can’t get done at home,” senior Justin Lange said.

Welding is more of a hands-on, independent class rather than a “sit down and have assignments” class. Projects that students can work on during Welding include fixing three- or four-wheelers, welding fences or  ATV parts, and many others. Students do their own projects, but they can help each other with them. Sophomore Cooper Boyles is making saw horses.

“My dad told me to make them for him in class,” Boyles said.

Welding is a part of the Manufacturing Pathway. In addition to Welding 1, 2, and 3, Drafting and Introduction to Industrial Technology are also a part of the Manufacturing Pathway.

“People should take Welding so they know some extra skills for life,” junior Tyler Starks said.

During fifth hour, senior Tabias Davis works on welding an ATV trailer. Davis takes Welding 2/3. Welding 1 is offered during first hour.