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Two students from CSHS attend summer leadership program

posted Oct 10, 2017, 10:09 AM by Unknown user

Working to become a better leader, a good first step toward leadership, is what junior Lexi Fisher did last summer by attending the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program. This program was set up to help young women and men who thrive to be better leaders and to be better people in general.

“You had to have a real mentality to want to be a better leader to attend,” Fisher said.

The leadership seminar was held in Manhattan at the Kansas State University campus, and each school could only send two participants from their school; those from Conway Springs were Fisher and junior Travis Wilson.

“It was a really cool experience to stay on campus in the dorms,” Fisher said.  “It made me feel like I was in college almost.”

HOBY was a three-day program that lasted from June 1-4. After getting settled on day one, day two was an introduction day explaining what the program was going to consist of, day three was how to act as a leader and day four was different methods to spread leadership around and promote people to lead better.

“I figured out my leadership color was blue, which represents that I’m not as outgoing as others but still have good leadership qualities,” Fisher said.  


Junior Lexi Fisher and her group members pose for a picture. At the program, students were split into smaller groups to work with throughout the four days. “It was an amazing experience to learn and meet new so many new people,” said Fisher. (courtesy photo)