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Valedictorianship explained

posted Feb 28, 2018, 9:52 AM by Unknown user

For many, the topic of graduation requirements has been murky and confusing. As per the handbook, to graduate from CSHS, students are required to have four English credits; three each of math, science and social science credits; one each of computer, P.E., and fine arts credits; one half credit of speech and consumer education credits; and seven electives.

“I really haven’t been confused over the requirements,” sophomore Joshua Koester said.

There are different requirements and qualifications for the scholar's (Board of Regents) and qualified admissions for 4-year Kansas state schools. These can also be found in the student handbook.

After asking why there’s been confusion over graduation requirements, guidance counselor Louise Ronnau said that the confusion between CSHS requirements and the qualified admissions and scholar’s curriculum could be from the way the table is set up on page two of the student handbook.

The status around the valedictorian and salutatorian is another issue that has been confusing to some students. Starting in 2016, CSHS began to use a points system in case there were multiple 4.0 GPA students, but this is the first year that it has had to be put into use. Students who attain a 4.0 will have the valedictorian status on their transcript no matter what, but points come into play for other honors and scholarships. Not all classes are used in this point system, though; only the required classes count.

“I have mixed feelings over the points system,” sophomore Amy Zoglmann said. “On one hand it’s good because it singles out a single valedictorian, but on the other hand, it stinks because everyone else who’s worked hard to get a 4.0 and to be valedictorian gets screwed out of it.”

In the case of a tie in GPA, grades from freshman to senior year are given point values based on the percentages below:

100-98= 12 points

97-94= 11 points

93-90= 10 points

89-88= 9 points

87-84= 8 points

And so on

The student with the most points receives top valedictorian status and will give the speech at graduation. The top valedictorian also gets recognition on KWCH, the governor’s dinner, and the scholar’s section of the paper. Additionally, the top valedictorian receives $5,000 from the Kansas Star Casino; salutatorian, $4,000; the top 10% of the class, $2,000; and every other senior pursuing more education receives $1,000. The valedictorian and salutatorian for the Class of 2018 will be announced on April 3 and graduation will be held on Sunday, May 13.