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Valor classes offer new opportunities to students

posted Jan 25, 2017, 9:10 AM by Unknown user

Every year, more and more students are choosing to take Valor classes. Valor classes are classes that are offered by a college for you to take while in high school. Some of these classes are free to take through Senate Bill 155, while others require you to pay a fee. This year, 11 students are taking Valor classes, including senior Makenna Zoglmann.

Because of her interest in the the criminal justice field, Zoglmann decided that she would take the juvenile delinquents class.

“I've always wanted to learn about the behavior of juveniles,” Zoglmann said.

The class is pretty straightforward, she said; you learn about the bad behavior of minors, all the factors that contribute to their delinquency and how to deal with them in all kinds of situations.

“I’ve really been enjoying the class,” Zoglmann said. “It’s really interesting.”

However, just because the class sounds simple doesn’t mean that it’s always easy, or that the answers will always be in plain sight.

“Sometimes you have to think outside of the box,” Zoglmann said, “and think of the other person's perspective.”

Valor classes offer a lot of different experiences to students that high schools might not be able to give them, and Juvenile Delinquency is just one of the many classes that are offered.

“Another class I would have taken is Criminal Investigation,” Zoglmann said. “I’d like to learn more about the investigation process.”