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What is Audio/Video Production?

posted Feb 8, 2017, 9:10 AM by Unknown user

Are you thinking about new elective classes to take next school year? Consider audiovisual teacher Dennis Kerr’s Audio/Video Productions Fundamentals class.

“Basically it means any presentation which involves an audio or visual presentation that includes both mediums,” Mr. Kerr said. “For example, a slide show with no verbal explanation is a visual presentation. A radio show is an audio presentation. The combination of both mediums can present a much stronger experience.”

Mr. Kerr also said television is a medium that would combine the two.

“For example, a television news productions is an Audio Visual experience, which includes explanations and video to see,” he said. “They co-exist in order to stimulate a stronger response from viewers and listeners. Another word that is often substituted is Multimedia.”

Audio/Video Productions also introduces students to the applications that produce these types of mediums.

“[My favorite thing about this class is] distorting pictures,” sophomore Eric Stanley said.

Mr. Kerr has two other classes in the AV Communications Pathway, which are related to Audio/Video Productions: Video Productions and Graphic Design. Audio/Video Productions is the introduction class. The news website class (21st Century Journalism) and yearbook class (Digital Media Design and Production) are also in the AV Communications Pathway.

“It was new to me and I wanted to try it,” sophomore Brady Beal said.