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Winter homecoming a big success

posted Mar 2, 2017, 11:31 AM by Unknown user

Winter homecoming is one of the most active times for students at Conway Springs High School. Students were encouraged every day of the week to dress up a certain way to show their school spirit. Along with that, students competed in activities such as the medallion hunt, wall decorating, pep rally games, and the lip sync.

“I liked this homecoming a lot,” freshman Kelly Doffing said.

The majority of the activities took place at the end of the week. In each activity, the classes were given points based on their performance. The junior class found the medallion hidden in the bleachers. The sophomores received first place in the pep rally game. During the pep rally, there was also a candidate game where the boys were blindfolded and led by the girls through a maze of Stuco members, and then the boys had to dress up in suits and do the girls’ makeup.

“I liked the pep rally and how my partner Marcus did my makeup,” senior Rachel Echelberry said.

At the end of the week, the scores for the overall class competition were close between the seniors and the sophomores. However, at the end of the pep rally, it was announced that the seniors won the overall class competition by a 10 point lead over the sophomores, earning a bowling trip.

Later that night, seniors involved in basketball, Scholars Bowl, choir and Cardinalaires were recognized. bBoth the boys and girls varsity basketball teams won their games, and the dance team performed a special dance that was choreographed by sponsor Stacy Zoglmann.

“The dance at the game was my favorite part,” junior Rianna Morris said.

During the homecoming ceremony right after the boys’ game, Alex Tarrant was crowned king and Echelberry was queen.

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