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Be a voice for conway springs high school students

posted Mar 8, 2016, 1:01 PM by Unknown user

If you want to be a voice for Conway Springs High School,  go to the library for an application for Stuco. Students will soon be electing the Stuco Executive Board, class officers and activity representatives. Applications will be available from now until the day they are due for the particular office a student is running. Applications include  a parent's signature. To be on the Stuco Executive Board, students must have been in Stuco at least one year. To be Stuco president, a student have to be a senior. Board elections will be March 29. Petitions for Executive Board are due March 23.

“My favorite part of Stuco is being able to put my input in and having it affect the students in a positive way,” junior and Stuco treasurer Janae Pauly said. Pauly is running for Stuco president.

To be a class officer, students do not need to have prior experience in Stuco unless they would like to be class president. Only class representatives and class presidents serve on Stuco. Class elections are April 5 with petitions due March 31. Sophomore Rianna Morris is running for class secretary.

“I have wanted to be involved in Stuco since freshman year,” she said. “I would love to be a part of making prom awesome.”

Students also have the opportunity to be an activity representative. The only requirement to be an activity rep is to have one year of experience in the activity and a plan to be in it next year. Representative elections will be April 11-30 with petitions due April 11.

Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson advised that those interested in running for an office get input from peers for their speeches.

“Make sure you talk to your friends and see what's important to them and add it into your speech,” she said.





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