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Comp students help the community and more

In Comp, College Prep English for seniors, Mrs. Salisbury is starting a new project with her students called the Genius Project. The Genius project is a project where the student picks an activity that has to be research based, has to help others, and they have to have an end product that can be shared with the world.

“Kids don’t really get a choice to do things they like in school,” English teacher Tamara Salisbury said. “I’ve been researching about this project for awhile and I thought it was a really good idea.”

Senior Sarah Doffing is raising $3,000 to build a house in Haiti by doing fundraisers

“I love helping people and my mom told me about this project and it sounded like I could help a lot of people doing this,” Doffing said

Senior Brenna Leahy, who spent 1 year in Malaysia, is doing a book drive and is sending the books she collects to a Refugee Camp that she volunteered for in Malaysia.

“I’m excited to feel like I’m making a difference for the community of Malaysia,” Leahy said.

The Genius project will conclude at the end of the semester which is Dec. 17






College Prep English

Genius project

Mrs. Salisbury class

1st semester

Because kids don’t get a choice in school and Mrs. Salisbury wants them to have a choice.

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