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Golden Rolls roll in the Profit

posted Apr 28, 2015, 11:20 AM by Unknown user

Every year, Connie Pauly’s Business Essentials class decides to sell some sort of good for money for a chance to learn how to run a business. This year, there was a unique business selling egg rolls.

“Golden Rolls was very different,” Mrs. Pauly said. “I doubt there will ever be anything this unique again; it’s mainly just sweets or baked goods.”

Golden Rolls was one of the two businesses this year. Seniors Sara Echelberry, Bethany Osner and Hayley Smith and sophomores Marcus Berntsen and Amber Vanhsy are the owners of Golden Rolls.

“Golden Rolls are fire,” Echelberry said. “We made some good money.”

The egg rolls were made by Kalouna Vanhsy, Amber’s mom, and the owners all pitched in to make it go quicker. They’ve made over a thousand rolls and delivered them April 13-16.

“My mom knew the recipe better than I did, so she attempted to teach us how to make them,” Vanhsy said. “It was really easy and funny because the group didn’t know what they were doing.”

Golden Rolls Poster.jpg
Golden Rolls sold big with students and faculty, making this Business Essentials idea one of the most unique in years.