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Changes made to finals opt-outs

posted Dec 6, 2017, 9:29 AM by Unknown user

In past years, students have had the option to opt out of finals if they have met the standards of meeting their personal AR goal and/or not missing more than three days of school. This year, because of changes the state has made to accreditation, the school has changed this to every student having to take all finals. Principal Brent Harrell said he decided to give students who continue to work hard a reward in place of the opt-out system.

“The two top rewards that seem to have a high interest in students is giving them an opportunity to have an open lunch and having a raffle system,” Mr. Harrell said. “The raffle system would work by if you meet the attendance standards set, your name will be put in and will give a chance for students to win cash. Our third option is to do more frequent attendance rewards.”

These options have attracted a lot of student interest.

“I like money, but I think open lunch would be awesome,” sophomore Mallory Gillespie said.

Mr. Harrell said he hopes the changes keep students motivated to work for attendance and/or AR goals and allow them not to go unrewarded for working hard.

“Both rewards are good options, and I personally like both options,” junior Audrey Doffing said.

Unknown user,
Dec 6, 2017, 9:29 AM