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Choir and Cardinalaires compete at Regional Music

posted Apr 25, 2018, 9:23 AM by Unknown user

On April 7, Choir and Cardinalaires traveled to Butler Community College for their regional contests. Students had the opportunity to perform solos, in small ensembles, or in larger ensembles in front of judges to receive an overall score out of V,  with I being the best.

“I feel like regionals was more upscale than league,” freshman Rylie Thompson said. “It was busier, and I am proud that we were all able to make it places on time.”

Students competed in league on March 6 where they received a II. Participants hoped to do better at regionals because league music judges were tough but encouraged them to do better.

“We worked to improve and I feel like we did even though we got a II. We did our best, and that’s what matters,” sophomore Neal Zoglmann said.

The overall scores of the solos, small ensembles and large ensemble performances were II’s, and to qualify for state, it is required to get a I, so the groups will not travel to state this year.

“I think we did better at regionals than league, I felt discouraged we got a II, but we did our best and that’s what matters,” sophomore Kelly Doffing said.