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¨No-Move Monday¨ affects students

posted Oct 14, 2016, 8:06 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 14, 2016, 8:08 AM ]

    Starting this year, Conway Springs High School has implemented “No-Move Monday”, where students must stay in their AP class the whole hour and cannot leave, and most meetings have been moved to different days. No-Move Monday has been put into action to help fulfill new state Kansas Educations Systems Accreditation requirements to help students build relationships and to better connect with others. However, many students don’t like No-Move Monday because it makes it difficult to get help or ask questions on homework because you can’t go and ask the teacher.

    “People would like to get their stuff done any day that they can,” freshman Stephanie Brozovich said. “No-Move Monday doesn’t let us do that.”

    But for some, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to their plans for the day.

    “No-Move Monday doesn’t really affect me,” senior Kyle Phillips said.

    Even though most students don’t seem to like No-Move Monday, many teachers like the idea.

    “I like No-Move Monday,” English teacher Kristy Martin said. “Our job is to advise our kids, and this helps us to do just that. We can dedicate this time helping the kids to fill out scholarships and get ready for college.”

    The new KESA requirements are to address issues of academic intervention, equality, mental and physical health, civic engagement, and career preparation. This is a program that is just beginning to be put into motion, as this year is a sort of “trial run”, as the State Board will adopt final regulations next year. They will be using the bases of “relationships, relevance, responsive culture, and rigor” and the board will analyze the data to find the definition of a successful high school graduate.

    Career Cruising is another program CSHS implemented as part of the KESA requirements. Career Cruising helps students choose a possible career and college through online personality-type tests. This takes the place of the previous individual plan of study and also helps students consider a career and college early to save time and money.