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CSHS holds Career Day

posted Dec 10, 2015, 9:35 AM by Unknown user

Still trying to find out what you want to do after high school? Conway Springs High School hosted Career Day this year with guest speakers who represent a variety of fields to help students decide what they want to do for a future career.

“I think it was very informative,” sophomore Caylee Harrington said.

The event is only every two years, with classes running on shortened schedule the day before Thanksgiving break. This means that students have one day every two years to ask the speakers about their preferred careers. There was a 45-minute opening session with Tracee Friess before the students split up to go to their individual 20-minute sessions with the speakers.

“They seemed to know what they were talking about and tried to be a good influence on us,” junior Roxanne Heimerman said.

The event was changed slightly this year; instead of having specific job options, there was a wide variety of speakers from designated fields.

“I liked how it was pretty broad,” freshman Nathan Ohl said.

Some of the broader topics were Health Care, Education, and a variety of sciences. The event ended at the regular school release time.

Before the individual 20-minute sessions with the guest speakers for Career Day, Nov. 24, Conway Springs High School students gathered in the auditorium for a 45-minute session. The theme this year was “On the Fast Track to Success--Accelerate Your Future”. Junior Dawson Tarrant starting off the event by welcoming Tracee Friess as the main guest speaker. Photo taken by Connie Pauly.