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Saddle up for entertainment

posted Apr 8, 2016, 9:59 AM by Unknown user

On April 1-2, Conway Springs High School performed a wild west comedy play. “Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch” was the first play Conway Springs High School in the last eight years. Many students were excited about getting to participate in a school sponsored play.

“I’ve always been interested in acting,” junior Matthias Doffing said. “I like being the center of attention.”

Doffing played both the lead part, which was actually two parts: the hero and the villain.

During school April 1, students had the chance to watch a matinee performance of the play during sixth and seventh hour. For a reduced price, 62 high school students attended the first performance. The middle school, elementary school, and the St. Joseph students had also been invited to enjoy the play. The performance of the play that night at 7 p.m. and at 8 p.m. the following Saturday, anyone was welcomed to come.

“I thought the play was really funny,” sophomore Rianna Morris said. “Sarah’s laugh was my favorite part.”

The cast members began working on the play in February. They had their practices as often as they could into fit every member's schedule. All of their hard work had paid off because according to those who attended, all performances were a success.

“Being a part of the play was very exciting,” senior Lexi Crowell said. “It was fun being the prop lead, and I was able to design some of the props for the play.”

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Snipe Vermin and Bill Filbert (juniors Matthias Doffing and Chloe Henderson) check in to the Roaring Gulch Hotel with desk clerk Barney Black (junior Dennis Zoglmann) during the matinee Friday, April 1.