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Stuco brings taco bar to homecoming dance

posted Oct 7, 2014, 11:10 AM by Unknown user

The taco bar was the big thing at the fall homecoming dance. This time Stuco had some new and improved ideas. Stuco decided to try a taco salad bar along with the desserts, pop, and water they normally serve. They hired the same DJ that came for the Back-To-School-Bash earlier in the year.

“I really liked the DJ,” sophomore Robynn Solomon said. “He made sure to play a mix of songs and he played the ones we requested.”

The taco salad bar was a big hit. Most of the food was gone by the end of the dance, and everyone seemed to like it.

“I loved the taco bar. It was very succulent!” said senior Derek Patton.

The ping pong tournament was postponed for a little bit because the football game ran late, and some off the football players were signed up to play. Some of the students who didn't want to play for competition got to play as well.

“Ping pong was awesome because I got to play with and against my friends,” sophomore Zach Schwarzenberger said.

The Homecoming dance had a huge turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

On September 26 the high school had their Fall Homecoming dance. A lot of people showed up, including Freshman Jera Wolke shown dancing above.