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Stuco holds elections for 2016-2017

posted Apr 8, 2016, 9:40 AM by Unknown user

Stuco board elections were competitive this year, with two students running for each position except for treasurer, with junior Kalie Jones being the only candidate. Elections were March 29.

“I felt very good because I was the only one, and I only had to give a speech, and I felt less pressure,”Jones said.

The positions of president, vice-president, and secretary had a tougher competition. The presidential candidate team of junior Janae Pauly and sophomore Riley Akiu went head-to-head with junior Michelle Wilson and freshman Caden Runnalls. Freshmen Leslie Mies and Travis Willson both ran for secretary.

“I felt pretty nervous,” Mies said.

The election concluded with Jones as treasurer, Willson as secretary, and Pauly and Akiu as president and vice-president.

“I was not worried about the election,” Pauly said. “I think it went very well.”

Class officer elections were April 5. The class officers are:


President: Bre Akiu

Vice president: Donovan Mercer

Secretary: Carolyn Mercer

Treasurer: Erica Ebenkamp

Stuco rep: Samantha Koch


President: Lacey Pauly

Vice president: Abagail Heimerman

Secretary: Rianna Morris

Treasurer: John Hartman

Stuco rep: Sabrina Bellar


President: Audrey Doffing

Vice president: Ben Doffing

Secretary: Lexi Fisher

Treasurer: Daniel Becker

Stuco rep: Nathan Ohl

Activity rep elections will be April 18 to May 9.

The Stuco board elections were held at CSHS March 29 with seven candidates running for either president, vice-president,secretary, or treasurer. The results were announced at the end of the day.