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Student Council to hold primary elections

posted Mar 10, 2015, 11:31 AM by Unknown user

This year, Student Council will be hosting its first primary elections to help determine the candidates for Stuco president. Four students are running for president, which is the reason for the primaries. The candidates are juniors Wesley Hullinger, Tiffany Willson, Kristen Hilger and Sarah Doffing. Three of the four students currently hold positions on the board.

Prior to voting, the candidates will be interviewed in the auditorium during AP on March 11, conducted by the current Stuco president Dustin Martin. They will be asked a series of questions, including what would they change, how they would conduct meetings and why they believe they should be president of Stuco. The questions are meant to help the students decide who should be the Stuco president for the 2015-2016 school year.

“I have seen how Stuco has been ran for awhile, and I want to make some changes so things are more interesting for the student body,” junior Kristen Hilger said.

In fact, all four students said they have ideas to make changes within the school, so students can get more details on what they wish to accomplish.

“Students should pay attention to the questions being asked and the answers given,” Hullinger said.

After the interviews, all students will be able to vote for one candidate in the Commons area. Two candidates will be announced for the presidential candidates. Those two candidates will pick who they want their vice-president to be and will have a couple of weeks to prepare for board elections. Board elections will be March 31.

“We have four very good candidates running for president, and we wanted to give them all an equal opportunity to run for other board positions if they don’t make president,” Stuco sponsor Michelle May said.






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