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Weather delays the kick off of kick ball

posted May 5, 2016, 10:03 AM by Unknown user

Saturday, April 30, was supposed to be the date of the annual Stuco kickball tournament. In response to a cold, rainy forecast, superintendent Clay Murphy and Stuco sponsors Callie Bartelson and Michelle May made the joint decision to reschedule kickball for another date.

“After looking at several different options and scheduling around the busy month of May, we decided the 21st would be the only day that would work,” Mrs. May said.

After the subject of rescheduling came up, Stuco voted on whether or not they wanted to reschedule the event or cancel it altogether. Members came to the agreement that they wanted to reschedule kickball for May 21 rather than cancelling.

“The 21st was the only day not affecting sports or other activities, in order for as many students to be able to participate as possible,” said Mrs. May.

While it was hard to find a day to reschedule, Stuco wanted to keep the opportunity to participate in kickball open to students this year just like every other year.

“We are genuinely sorry if rescheduling the event prevents any students from being able to participate,” said Mrs. May.

Stuco members said they are still expecting a big turnout for as many students as possible at Kyle Trueblood Elementary, ready to play May 21 at 9 a.m. for the first bracket.