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Stuco travels to Garden Plain for escape room activity

posted Nov 20, 2017, 9:27 AM by Unknown user

Stuco traveled to Garden Plain on Nov 15 to attend their annual league stuco meeting. This year’s theme was communication and the members took part in an escape room to practice these skills.

Escape rooms are an activity that is designed to get students together and work together to complete tasks that require teamwork. This year’s theme for the escape room was “zombies”. Students had to decipher codes and clues to unlock multiple things like a weapon box and a door and then when everything was unlocked,collected golf balls and shot zombies with them.

“My favorite part of the trip was the escape room, I really liked the challenges and getting to know people that I didn’t before,” freshman Sadie Schmanke said.

Students have said they enjoyed this trip and was well worth it and want to do more activities like this. They also listened to a speaker at their meeting and ate lunch.

  “My favorite part during the visit was the discussions because it gave us a chance to be interactive with the other schools,”  sophomore Kyler Alloway said.

Being given the opportunity to work with other schools can give stuco members ideas on how to make students in our school be interactive with each other and others.

  “It was really beneficial because we got to communicate with other schools and we learned a lot while we were there,” sophomore Karlee Osner said.