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A blessing in disguise

posted Dec 15, 2015, 11:26 AM by Unknown user


“When I first found out I was pregnant, my first thought was: my parents are going to kill me,” junior Abby Linn said.

Teenagers often worry about disappointing their parents. However, it’s usually with something like getting home after curfew or getting a bad grade in school, not bringing forth new life. Around this time last year, Linn found out she was pregnant. Although she was scared, Linn never considered dropping out of school.

“I wanted to finish school so I could get a good job,” she said.

For most teenagers, a weekend usually means getting to sleeping in. Not in Linn’s case. Her daughter, Delaney, wakes up 2 or 3 times during the night. Linn must stay up with her until she falls back asleep. Sometimes this takes up to an hour.

“No matter what time I get to bed, I have to wake up at 6:30 the next morning,” she said.

She must get up each morning, get herself and Delaney ready and make it out the door by 7:15. Before she goes to school, she takes Delaney to daycare. After school, Linn goes to work at Little Folks Daycare. This is a different daycare than the one her daughter attends. Linn gets off work at 5 and immediately goes to pick up her daughter from daycare.

Juggling a job and homework can be challenging. Imagine juggling a job, homework, and an infant that requires your undivided attention and relies on you one hundred percent.

“My mom is the biggest help,” Linn said. “She watches Delaney if I want to hang out with friends, and she helps feed and bathe her.”

Linn also said being a parent has its ups and downs. Although challenging, it can also be very rewarding. Delaney Kathryn Fisher is six months old. She is very talkative, likes to jump in her bouncer, and rolls around on the floor.

“She’s cute, chill, and fat,” Linn said.

Linn faces many challenges that the majority of students will not face until much later in life, if ever.  However, Linn has found it to be a blessing.

“I love watching Delaney grow up,” Linn said. “I’m a proud mom.”