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Addie is a dead shot

posted May 9, 2016, 1:19 PM by Unknown user

What if you could time travel back to a time period and experience how they dress and shoot? Well, junior Addie Jenkins is part of a group called Indian Territory Single Action Shooting. The group gathers to dress in period clothing and participate in shooting competitions. The contestants are given a scenario or sequence and have to shoot it in order, with prizes going to the fastest shooter. Jenkins has won several awards because of it.

“My grandpa started the shoot when he lived in El Dorado, and when he moved to Oklahoma, he met more people in it and signed me up,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins shoots in three competitions: Ruckus In The Nations, Pursuit into the Osage Nation and Land Run, all in Oklahoma. The events can last two to three days.

Jenkins shoots with a Winchester .38 lever action rifle, a .38 special rotor revolver and a 12-gauge double barrel shotgun. She said she prefers her rifle.

“I like to participate because it's challenging,” she said. “You have to think fast, shoot fast and be accurate, all at the same time.”