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“After School”: I could take it or leave it

posted Oct 20, 2015, 10:06 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 10:08 AM ]
The new big thing flying around Conway Springs High School is an app called After School. You can get on it and post anonymously about anything you want. In my opinion, at first it was kind of cool to have a new way to connect with the people from your class, but after a while, it gets pretty boring. People mainly post about the same thing: liking people and never being able to tell them. After reading that so many times, you get a little bored.

Anonymous posting sounds like it could be used negatively, and to address that, part of the description even says, “Please remember to be positive :).”

Here, I think it’s nice because nobody has really said anything mean and you don’t get judged because of what you say because no one knows who said it. The majority of the posts have been about liking someone or saying that they are pretty or cool.

I never post on After School, but it’s kind of neat to go through and see what people say, especially if they put quotes up and stuff like that. Someone posted once that “We are now all strangly connected”, which I believe is true in a way because a lot of students have the app and instead of a whole bunch of people you don’t know being on the app, it’s just the people in your school so you can be more connected.

I feel like After School is a good thing but it could easily go bad. I’m glad it hasn’t though. I could go either way about After School; I could live without it but also having it doesn’t really affect me.

According to the app’s description on iTunes, After School has a four star average rating by 2,705 people. The app is currently only available for iOS.