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A hobby with a profit

posted Mar 8, 2016, 9:32 AM by Unknown user

Although many students produce art, not very many can say they have sold their art. Senior Amanda Drouhard discovered her love for drawing and painting at a very young age. Drouhard has taken an art class every year of her high school career. As a senior, Drouhard is continuing to expand her artistic horizons and try new and challenging painting techniques.

“It’s so calming; when I’m painting I don’t think about anything else,” Drouhard said.

Recently, she discovered a new way to express her artistic side. She is repurposing old saw blades and using them as a canvas. Drouhard saw the idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out.

“My sister’s boyfriend had a bunch of old blades, so I asked him if I could have them,” she said.

Drouhard is selling her very first saw blade painting to Mary Steffen, a substitute teacher for the district. She is currently still working on the painting. It will be selling for the amount of $50.

“She just saw me working on it while she was substituting my art class and offered to buy it from me,” Drouhard said. “It hadn’t even crossed my mind to sell my paintings.”

With two art classes this semester, Drouhard has various opportunities to show her artistic side. She plans to continue her painting and try to sell more of her artwork to those who are looking for some unique decor.


                      Photo taken by Amanda Drouhard