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Battle of the Classes

posted Dec 16, 2015, 9:15 AM by Unknown user






Conway Springs High School Students

Battle of the Classes


Gym, Commons, Auditorium, and Library

To compete for class points

With finals currently stressing students out, Stuco plans to host the annual Battle of the Classes competition Dec. 17, the last day of finals. Students of each class will compete with the other classes for class points in a series of games separated into three sessions. The games consist of board games, physical competitions, quick thinking, and reaction matches.

“I think we have a good variety,” junior Stuco treasurer Janae Pauly said.

With the teams divided by class, colors have been designated for each class that they should be wearing during the games. The seniors are black, the juniors blue, the sophomores red, and the freshmen grey.

“I’m most excited for my games, Speed and the Battle of the Sexes,” sophomore Matthew Monsion said.

Freshman Leslie Mies said she is also excited for a few of the many games that are on the list of options.

“I’m excited to watch Just Dance and play Spoons,” Mies said.

The first session starts at 2:05 after the last final, the second at 2:35, and the last session at 3:05. Tug of War and Castles will be the last and only games in the third session in the gym.