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Cafeteria offers more to decrease wasted food

posted Oct 15, 2015, 9:31 AM by Unknown user
            Everyone likes having options, especially when it involves food. Since the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act has gone into effect, there have been many complaints about the school lunches being served to students. To help with that,, the cafeteria has added different options for lunches. Along with the main meal, students can also usually choose from pizza or corn dogs. The options, though, can include assorted sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The salad bar is still also available as an alternative to the entree.
            Students have had mixed emotions on the new lunches. Freshmen Tim Berntsen says the new options do not effect him.

“I usually get the main meal, unless it looks unappetizing,” he said.

Seniors have had the same lunches for the past three years, so having a choice of entrees was new for them. As they familiarize themselves with the new setup, they have started to decide what they thought about them. Many students feel that the options need to be diversified.

“The lunches are better than last year, but I think they should try to switch up the options instead of having pizza and corn dogs every day,” senior Sarah Doffing said.

Brenda Jones, Food Service Director, explained that the new options were brought in, mainly, to help decrease waste.

“I made the decision to give the students a choice. If we gave them something they didn’t like, they would just throw it away,” she said.

With the addition of these new options, the lunchroom staff has begun to see a decrease in food being thrown away. These choices give students a chance to eat the food they enjoy but also gives them a choice to switch it up.

At lunch, seniors Gary Farmer and Joe Mies move through the line with the rest of the student body. Mies chose the chicken fajita over the corn dogs.