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Cardinals clash in annual competition

posted Oct 2, 2015, 10:03 AM by Unknown user

In the past, Conway Springs and Garden Plain have faced off in the “Battle of the Birds” to see who can collect the most amount of cans in a week’s time for the towns’ respective mission marts. This year is different. Instead of having Battle of the Birds with Garden Plain, the school will be doing Clash of the Cardinals with Cheney.

The event was switched because Garden Plain declined Stuco’s invitation to participate this year. Since such a high number of food is donated each year, Stuco  instead invited Cheney to compete, and the name was changed to reflect the new rival. The name “Clash of the Cardinals” was agreed upon by both school’s student councils.

Some students are already preparing for their donations. During Fall Fest on Sept. 26, freshman Molly Schmanke took the time to have a booth where she did face paint and sold homemade dog bones. She is donating the money earned to Clash of the Cardinals. The total amount was over $600.

“I got the idea to do this and donate the money from my grandma,” Schmanke said.

There are different opinions on what the competitive level will be like with Cheney as compared with Garden Plain. Stuco president Kristen Hilger said she believes that doing this with a new school might increase our competition, while Stuco vice president Marcus Berntsen said he thinks it will catch on later.

Collection of cans will be Oct. 12-16. Students can bring cans to Conway Springs High School or Hired Man’s Grocery and Grill. The game will be in Cheney, Kan., with the winner being announced during half-time.  

“I hope to beat last year’s donations, but I’m happy with any because they all go to a good place,” Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson said.






Conway Springs and Cheney

Clash of the Cardinals

Oct. 12-16

Donations accepted at CSHS and Hired Man’s

To benefit each town’s local food bank