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CSHS Focuses on Pride

posted Sep 16, 2015, 9:24 AM by Unknown user

             Each new year brings new changes and activities. This year Conway Springs High School is welcoming back Brent Harrell for his second year as principal. As classes start up, administrators revisit and revise expectations.

“For the most part, those that I had for the first year were met, but some still need to be worked on. This year my focus has been on the promotion of school pride and positive relationships,” Mr. Harrell said.

The big focus this year for the senior class and the cheerleaders is to help Mr. Harrell raise school pride. With the new addition of the Pep Club and the energy put into it, the atmosphere has shifted in the hallways. Even Mr. Harrell said he has felt it.

“There is a different vibe in the air this year at CSHS,” he said. “I see students showing more school spirit (thanks, cheerleaders and Pep Club), there is a lot more positive energy, and students seem more involved. I feed off of that energy from the student body, so I would say I'm feeling positive and prideful emotions for the upcoming year.”

This new-found spirit is present in places from the hallways to the football field. The first football game has come and gone with a crisp, clean victory for the Cardinals, and school spirit after the game was at a high level, according to freshman Caden Runnalls, who gave it “4 spirit sticks out of 5!”

Even with the end of the first full week, the excitement still lingers. From freshmen to seniors everyone is excited for the upcoming year.

“I love it! I think we’ve lost some of the Cardinal Pride, and I’m so excited to bring it back,”senior Hanah Jones said.