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Earthquake and IOC assembly

posted Dec 2, 2014, 11:16 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 2, 2014, 11:17 AM ]
            No one would think that in the middle of Kansas we would have to start having earthquake drills. After the magnitude 4.8 earthquake on Nov. 12,  the crisis committee decided to have a meeting to address this issue.

            I think that it is scary to start having earthquakes in Kansas because it’s just another thing to worry about here,” senior Nick Barkley said. “We have droughts and tornadoes, now we have to worry about earthquakes. That’s kind of scary.”

Principal Brent Harrell called a meeting on Nov. 17 to address the earthquake drills the school will start using. Basically, if an earthquake starts happening, students are to drop, cover themselves and hold on.

“The school district has a crisis team to deal with earthquakes or disasters that may happen,” Mr. Harrell said. “They evaluate safety threats as well, especially with school shootings.”

The meeting also focused on new Intruder on Campus procedures. Students were always taught to hide and wait for help. However, law enforcement now recommends different procedures. Mr. Harrell made it clear that if an intruder comes onto campus, students may either run, fight or barricade the doors and wait for help.

“I would fight the intruder on campus,” sophomore Kalie Jones said. “I would grab a desk then cry for my mommy. My mom would come and beat him up, and then we would be the heroes.”