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It's a bull riding thing; you wouldn't understand

posted Oct 13, 2015, 9:31 AM by Unknown user

    Some people are brave enough to try new and different things. Could you imagine the most dangerous 8 seconds of your life? For bullriders, that 8 seconds begins once you’re out of the shoot and trying to maintain their balance.             Junior Devin Hunt-Wright feels the rush of bull riding for a hobby.

     “I’ve been riding for a year now,” Hunt-Wright said. “My uncle was a bull rider, and he had ended up talking me into it.”

     He has competed in the past four Conway Springs rodeos and the last two Argonia rodeos.

    “Bull riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world,” Hunt-Wright said. “It is dangerous, but I enjoy getting to compete with other riders.”

    Bull riding is the most popular event in rodeos. To ride, bull riders use a thick braided rope that is connected to a cowbell called the bull rope. They also use rosin, which is a sticky substance to help with the grip of the rope. Every rider has to wear specific clothing such as a vest, helmet, chaps, and riding gloves to protect them from the 1,700 pound bull. 

     “I plan on continuing to ride,” Hunt-Wright said. “I like to challenge myself to the next level and will hopefully be able to travel all around the world.”


In June, Hunt-Wright competed in the annual Conway Springs Rodeo. His full time on was four seconds.