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Overdoing "promposals"

posted Apr 7, 2015, 11:16 AM by Unknown user

With prom just around the corner (April 18), last minute plans are underway, with steering committee pulling together decorations and entertainment, boys renting tuxes, and girls picking out accessories. While all this seems to be a big fuss, it is nothing compared to the elaborate and excessive “promposals”.

It has become an annual tradition for high schoolers across the U.S. to come up with ‘cute’ and elaborate ways to ask someone to prom. Each year it seems to have become more and more flamboyant, with crazy new ways to ask the question, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Recently, a coworker made the comment to me that high schoolers have become more and more excessive in the way they ask others to prom. She mentioned that while it is fun and exciting, this could potentially make other, more important things seem less exciting. Why make a big deal out of something so unimportant?

I also recently saw a car ad in which was displayed how excessive teenagers have become in asking others to prom. While it is certainly fun to be asked in a creative way (and to do the asking), asking someone to prom should not have more importance placed upon it than something far more important, such as a marriage proposal. That is what asking others to prom has become. A proposal of sorts. Seventeen magazine even published an article titled “Promposals,” suggesting that being asked to prom is similar to being asked to become someone’s spouse. It is not in the least comparable to such a life-changing event, so why should it be portrayed as such?