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Robinson takes Flight

posted Jan 20, 2015, 11:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 11:07 AM ]

Flight is the first competitive show choir in Wichita with 39 people. The director/choreographer is Kristina Sims, who used to perform with the Headliners at Butler County Community College. Senior Cece Robinson is a proud member of the show choir.

    “I enjoy it because it’s a higher level of dancing and singing than I’m used to,” Robinson said. “The show choir is teaching me a lot about music. I feel more confident about myself and the people are really fun and nice.”

    Flight has rehearsal every Sunday from 2-5:30 in preparation for three competitions. During the competition, show choirs perform a set of four songs in under 20 minutes. They are judged in many different categories and then at the end are placed based on score.

    “My favorite song that we perform is the closer of our performance,” Robinson said. “The closer is a mashup between ‘Good Time’ and ‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.’ The song lets the girls be sassy, and it’s awesome. There’s a wardrobe change before, and it’s all exciting.”

    The first performance is Jan. 17 in Missouri, the next is Feb. 14 in Nebraska, and the last one is March 7 in Iowa. They will perform the same set for all three competitions. Robinson also wants to pursue music after high school.

    “I thought this would be a good experience for college,” Robinson said. “Also, it’s senior year, and I wanted to try something different and have fun with it.”