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Seniors get paid back for their involvement

posted Mar 13, 2015, 11:34 AM by Unknown user

Hard work pays off. Due to the senior’s hard work and participation, they won the class competition for the year. According to Stuco sponsor Callie Bartelson, they were ahead of the freshman class by 130 points and beat both the junior and sophomore class by 95 points, scoring a total of 595 points over the year. Scores are calculated by adding everything together: Fall Homecoming, Battle of the Birds, Battle of the Classes, and Winter Homecoming.

For this, the senior class is being rewarded with a bowling trip. The winning class started getting rewarded for their school spirit with a trip last year.

“It’s a way to boost student involvement and reward them for their efforts,” Mrs. Bartelson said.

March 26 the seniors will be going to West Acres Bowling in Wichita. While there, Stuco will pay for pizza and drinks along with an hour of bowling. The seniors seem excited to go on the trip.

“Heck yes (I’m excited),” senior Leora Seiler said. “I want to bowl with all of my friends. I suck at bowling, but I get out of school.”

Many of the seniors believe they more than deserved it.

“Heck yes, Texas, we did,” senior Anne Ast said. “We had some pretty classy dress-ups and what not. Also, we’re seniors. Also, we found the medallion.”






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