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Seniors in the Spotlight

posted Mar 3, 2015, 11:32 AM by Unknown user
Senior Molly Hullinger enters with her parents Gregg and Toni Hullinger.

The night of Feb. 17 was a special night for the seniors as they were recognized along with their parents for their participation in extracurricular activities during their senior year.

“It was cool because in Russia we didn’t show what the seniors did in school, and we didn’t have the chance to be recognized,” senior Masha Makarova said. “It also gave us a chance to be thankful to our parents and the school and show our appreciation.”  

All the seniors who participated in the recognized activities and their parents were called to the center of the basketball court in between the girls varsity game and the boys varsity game. This was to honor and recognize them for all the years they have been at Conway Springs High School.

“It was nice to be recognized,” senior Julia Chitwood said.

Some that were recognized were the people in extracurricular activities like girls tennis, basketball, band, Scholars Bowl, choir and Cardinalaires.

“It was nice to have the chance to be appreciated by the faculty and everyone at the game, especially our parents,” senior Garrett Hartman said.