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Seniors Prepare for their Last Trip Together

posted Apr 30, 2015, 11:21 AM by Unknown user

As school comes to a close, seniors prepare for several things, including graduation, scholarships, colleges and most importantly, the senior trip. The senior trip will be May 7 and is the last big get together for the seniors before they all go their separate ways after graduation. Though many students look forward to the trip, some students wish they could do something bigger for their final outing.

    “It’s gonna be boring because we won’t do anything fun,” senior Molly Andra said.

     They’re headed to Kansas City at four in the morning and won’t be back until two the next morning. The day starts with breakfast at McDonald’s. Then, it’s onto Worlds of Fun for most of the day until they break for lunch and head over to Legends. There are various activities to do at Legends, including shopping, an arcade, bowling and movies. Toward the end of the trip, they’ll go over to PowerPlay and enjoy the activities there, such as Go-Karts, laser tag, a ropes course and a rock wall.

    “I’m excited, but I feel like it’s been done before,” senior Garrett Hartman said. “It’s too basic.”

    Shortly after the trip seniors will prepare for graduation and then will head off into the real world. Graduation is Mother’s Day, May 10.

    “I think it’ll be a fun time to spend with all my classmates,” senior Cece Robinson said. “It’ll be a good memory of our class since it’s one of the last things we’ll do together.”







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