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Seniors take advantage of Work Study

posted Jan 20, 2015, 11:23 AM by Unknown user

While most students would still be in school, some seniors are allowed to leave for work during the second semester with parental and employer consent. However, there are some requirements that seniors have to follow when they leave for work. Seniors have to work five days a week or three days of work and two days as a volunteer. If the seniors are in a sport, then they can return for practice or games.

“I like it because I think it’s helpful,” senior Thomas Berntsen said.

Berntsen works at the Conway Springs Coop, and senior JJ Fisher works for David King doing bricklaying and construction. Since the requirement is to work all week in the work study program, the two seniors have to work every single day. This could be considered a lot of work for students still in school, and both Berntsen and Fisher had different opinions about this requirement.

“I think you should work all week because then you get money,” Fisher said.

Berntsen thought that you could balance between work and school if you work at least three days.

“I think either works, no matter the hours,” Berntsen said.

There are only five seniors currently doing work study. Seniors cannot leave for work until the end of fifth hour or later so they can still complete the classes required to graduate.