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Speaker advises students to “A-B-C”to success

    On Sept. 9, both the middle school and high school met up in the auditorium to listen to KC Wolf, mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs. His “human name”, is Dan Meers, and he told everybody what it took to become a mascot, as well as how to succeed in life.
    “There is an A, B and C to Success,” he said. “They stand for Attitude, Behavior and Character.”
    Meers also told students about the near-fatal accident that happened last year when he fell 75 feet from a zipline and was put into the hospital.
    “My favorite part of the assembly was when he started to talk about the incident,” senior Joe Mies said. “It made (his message) more real.”
    At one point, Meers asked for a volunteer and picked seventh grade student Colby Osner. Osner got to put on the mascot suit in front of all the middle school and high school students.
    “Colby dressing up was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen,” sophomore Cassie Brozovich said.
    The assembly went really well. everyone really seemed to like it. Students said they appreciated how Meers kept the energy alive throughout the entire assembly.“I really like how Dan Meers kept things interesting. He really captured our attention,” Junior Addie Jenkins said.

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