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Stuco Holds Bullying Seminar

posted Nov 6, 2014, 10:58 AM by Unknown user

Monday Oct. 27, CSHS had a bullying seminar in the auditorium during Activity Period and fourth hour. The Stuco members decided to have a bullying seminar in honor of anti-bullying month, which is October. Junior Abby Ponce did a dramatic monologue before the seminar started, and some Stuco members read stories to help during speaker Christopher Paddock’s presentation.   

“It went really good, and it was very interesting,” freshman Morgan Koster said.

Before the bullying seminar started, one of the Stuco members said that students could leave if it got too emotional for them.

“I got a little emotional when they talked about the girl that got her fingers cut off by her drunk dad,” junior Amanda Drouhard said.

The Stuco members were hoping that the students would learn a lot from the bullying seminar.  

“I learned that words can hurt someone and that one out of six kids think about suicide and one out of 12 actually do it,” sophomore Aspen Lange said.