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Student volunteer firefighters





Student volunteer firefighters

Firefighter training.

Second Monday and fourth Monday of every month.

Conway Springs Fire Department.

The Conway Springs Fire Department gives the chance for people 16 and older to train and become a firefighter. CSHS students senior Mason Misak, and juniors Justin Lange, Donovan Mercer, and Devin Hunt-Wright are involved in the department.

“When I was in grade school, the fire department came to the school for Fire Prevention Day,” junior Justin Lange said. “When I saw all of the firefighters dressed in their gear, I thought they looked really cool and ever since that day I wanted to join and be able to do what they did.”

Chief Mike Erker, Assistant Chief Aubrey Hill, and Captain Jeff Erker of the Conway Springs Fire Department are the head trainers. Every month, the training meetings are on the second Monday and the business meetings are on the fourth Monday. On Saturdays, members of the department test the equipment and make sure everything is ready for calls.

“I enjoy being an explore because I like going on all the calls and get to do the training with all the firefighters,” junior Donovan Mercer said.

There are many training activities to help them learn the ways of a firefighter. Live fire training allows the firefighters to practice setting a fire in a room inside the burn box located next to the fire station. A dummy is set in the burn box and is used to practice putting out the fire. The goal is to be able to save the person. Another type of training done is learning to use the hoses and how to spray them correctly. Learning how to use specific tools for fire calls is also an important part of their training.

“Becoming a firefighter changed my outlook on life because, when you see someone lose all their valuables to a fire, it makes you appreciate what you have because you never know when you're going to lose it,” junior Devin Hunt-Wright said.

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