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Homecoming week ends with a victory for the Cardinals

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Homecoming week ends with a victory for the Cardinals

Friday, Oct. 2 was Fall Homecoming. With Homecoming week means spirit week. On Monday, there was no school. Tuesday there was no official dress up day, although many of the seniors decided to make it pajama day. Wednesday was career day. Students dressed up as their future or favorite career. Thursday was salad dressing day. There were five options for salad dressing: ranch, thousand island, Caesar, French and Italian. Friday was red and white day. Each day, Student Council took a tally of which class had the highest percentage of people that dressed up. Classes received points for the class competition for each person that participated.

The biggest change to this year’s Homecoming was the pep rally held in the park. All of Conway was welcome to attend. It used to be tradition to have the fall Homecoming pep rally in the park. This year, the cheer sponsors brought it back.

“My favorite part of Homecoming week is the pep rally because people get to see me cheer,” sophomore Clarissa Snow said.

Each class made a float for the homecoming candidates to ride on to the park for the pep rally. Members of each class got together during the week to work on the float. The theme this year was “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Tamed”. The queen candidates were Amanda Drouhard, Chelsea Linker, Kristen Hilger, and Skylar Misak. The king candidates were Wyatt Botkin, Ben Pauly, Derek Pauly, and Wesley Hullinger. The junior float won the best float.

“The floats turned out good,” senior Sarah Doffing said. “I liked the parade.”

The cheerleaders led the band and the student body to the park for the pep rally. Stuco put on a game called Human Hungry Hungry Hippos. The juniors won the game. Additional games were played during Activity Period on Thursday and Friday. The overall winners of Homecoming week were the freshmen.

“I was impressed with the turnout of the pep rally,” cheer sponsor Jennifer Kunz said. “I was glad to see a lot of the community came.”

The Cardinals came out with a victory Friday night against Independent. The final score was 33-12. Homecoming queen and king were Kristen Hilger and Wyatt Botkin.

Spirit Days

Pep rally

Ceremony and game

Conway Springs High Fall Homecoming started off with the coronation of king candidate Wyatt Botkin and queen candidate Kristin Hilger and then was followed up by the Cardinals home game against Wichita Independent. “I thought offense did good the first half of the game, but defense missed a lot of opportunities. But, all in all, a good game,” junior Grant Mooneyham said. The Cardinals will be traveling to Wichita Trinity Oct. 9 for their next game.