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The Players of the Future

posted Nov 17, 2017, 10:07 AM by Unknown user

While some students participate in band and choir, performing in concerts, at games, and at contest, some take it a step further by going to auditions for District Honor Choir or Band, hosted at Andover High School. From there, participants with a high enough score are then invited to be a part of the performance Dec. 2.. Conway Springs has one student who qualified for District Band, senior Makenna Beesley.

“I am super excited and shocked,” Beesley said. “After my audition, I didn't think I'd make it because I messed up on part of it.”

For auditions, participants have to go through a series of tests. Players can prepare some of these pieces, but some are completely up to sight reading.

“I had to sing ‘Sing and Dance On,’” junior Brandon Doll said. “I also sang a Bhula Lan.”

Qualifying for district is great accomplishment. There are only eight participants that move on to State from the 1A-4A division and eight from 5A-6A.

“I’ve been preparing since June or July. I've been taking lessons since then with Rick Ives,” Beesley said. “He was the band director from Clearwater, and he retired. He is also a horn player.”

Feelings about auditions vary among the students however. Not all members feel the same way about how the event went.

“It went awful,” junior Lawrence Pauly said. “I practiced a little bit, but not much--that's why I didn’t do well.”

The District concert is Dec. 2, and from there, players can qualify to go to State on Feb. 23.