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Video Productions to Compete at State Fair

posted Sep 11, 2017, 10:50 AM by Unknown user

For the first time in Video Productions class history, the most experienced students will compete at the State Fair. The six students were chosen by audiovisual teacher Dennis Kerr to compete against 15 other schools.

Senior Courtnee Wisdom; juniors Lyle Cornejo, Ben Doffing, Lawrence Pauly and Caden Runnalls; and sophomore Gavin Beesley will all be participating in this event due to their performing, filming and video editing experience.

“I thought it would be a fun challenge for a group of students to experience a legitimate, real world deadline that calls for specific criteria,” Mr. Kerr said.

Mr. Kerr said the students do not know the topic for their video ahead of time, so the class will be testing their knowledge and videography experience. Wisdom said her goal for this competition is to try to produce the best video with the content given.

Once they arrive at the fair, the students will be given two topics, which must be produced into 90- and 60-second videos, and the students must also create a 30-second video of a subject of their choice. They will then have to combine the segments together to create a 4-minute newscast or promotional video. With these guidelines and a 9-hour time limit, the students will need to work together to reach each expectation.

“I think we will do well because we have different dynamics in our group that will function well,” Doffing said.

Not only will this group of students learn the fundamentals in video editing, they will also learn how to work as a team with a stressful deadline while competing against 15 other schools ranging from large schools in the Kansas City area to small, local schools such as Conway Springs.